The Nurses Prayer original calligraphy art print is now available in a special 8 x 10 size, designed with an easel back, making it perfect to display on a mantel, shelf, bookcase, desk, end table, curio, or counter!

Recognizing that God is the Healer, the nurse prays that God will give strength, courage, compassion, understanding, skill, and tenderness, to add to their God-given wisdom and knowledge.

This nurse’s prayer especially asks for God to remind them of their calling into selfless service to those who are weak and in despair.

This prayer for nurses makes a perfect, heart-felt gift for yourself, or anyone in the nursing profession.

Plus, your nurses gift can be personalized for no extra charge!

Easel Back for Display
Protected under Glass

Size 8 x 10

Price: 67.00

Price includes all packaging, handling, and shipping, and personalization!

Nurses Prayer makes the perfect gift to honor for all nurses, for display on a shelf, bookcase, dresser, counter, or desk!

The text for “Nurses Prayer” is

“Almighty God, Divine Healer of all, Grant me, Your handmaiden, strength and courage in my calling. Give to my heart compassion and understanding. Give to my hands skill and tenderness. Give to my mind knowledge and wisdom.

Especially, dear Lord, help me always to remember the true purpose of my vocation that of selfless service and dedication to the weak and despairing in body and spirit.”


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Nurses Prayer in 8 x 10 Desk Display Size